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Explore the Youth Tutoring Project's unique and effective tutoring method. Our dedicated tutors provide personalized learning tailored to each student's needs, fostering a love for learning and helping them reach academic goals. Join us to witness the transformative power of our unparalleled approach.

STEP 1: Questionnaire

Start your child's YTP journey by filling out our brief questionnaire, this information is essential for the following steps in our process.

STEP 2: Confirmation

Upon completing the form, a confirmation email requesting acknowledgment will be sent out, once you have replied we will move on to our last step.

STEP 3: Tutor-Student Connection

After confirming, our team will pair your child with a tutor based on subjects, passions & interests and we will also take in to count special requests and accommodations!

Let the learning begin!

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Passion-based Tutoring

Our tutoring stands out due to our passion-based learning approach. We establish strong connections with our students to foster trust and rapport. Additionally, we tailor our questions, exercises, and reading materials to cater specifically to your child's interests. For example, if a student is fond of tennis, we will design questions and activities that revolve around the sport.

Accessible & Flexible

Experience the convenience of our user-friendly tutoring systems accessible from all types of devices. Receive the exceptional learning experience you deserve. We leverage tools such as Miro and Jamboard to present interactive practice resources. Your child will also have the comfort to choose between physical paper, digital texts, online whiteboard, or audio explanations when it comes to presenting their work.

a person holding a tennis racket on a tennis court
a person holding a tennis racket on a tennis court
MacBook Pro on top of brown table
MacBook Pro on top of brown table
girl in black long sleeve shirt reading book
girl in black long sleeve shirt reading book
COVID-19 Learning Recovery

Being a student-led organization, the members of YTP experienced first-hand the impact of the pandemic on the course of our education. More than anyone, we understand that the challenges that have arisen in the past years, from the sudden shift to online learning to the lack of interaction between student and teacher, are especially intimidating for young learners. We aim to tackle these obstacles one by one, not leaving even one child unprepared for their future and propelling them even further by stabilizing their academic footing.