Types of Music to Enchance Productivity while Studying

Joy Keke

8/14/20232 min read

The enjoyment of music is one of life's greatest pleasures and is an excellent stress reliever for many people. As one of its many benefits, it can enhance concentration while studying, but it isn't the case for all genres. We at Youth Tutoring are committed to providing you with the best types of music to help increase your productivity.

Classical music

Classical music is a highly acclaimed genre that boasts a gentle and calming tempo, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a peaceful state of mind and improved concentration. It also has no lyrics, which helps to concentrate. Studies have shown that listening to classical music helps the brain process information easily. It also helps with memory retrieval. Some classical music artists to listen to while studying are Mozart and Beethoven.

Lo-fi beats

Similar to classical music, this type of music is slow and soothing, leading to an increase in dopamine levels in the brain. When you find yourself in a bustling setting, utilizing noise-cancelling techniques can prove to be advantageous in enhancing your concentration. Because of this, Lo-fi Beats is an excellent choice for students who struggle with anxiety and can help reduce their stress levels. Some Lo-fi Beats recommendations are Lofi Hip-Hop Radio & Chillhop Radio on Youtube.

Cinematic music

Watching movies is an excellent way to unwind, and the soundtracks of some of your preferred films can assist you in staying concentrated for your upcoming test. Soundtracks can make a person feel empowered and focused as if they are capable of conquering the world. It strikes the perfect balance between productivity and leisure, elevating even the smallest tasks to a meaningful level. Movie soundtrack recommendations are Dead Poets Society, The Hobbit, and La-La Land.


If you are having trouble keeping focused, listening to the instrumentals of your favourite songs is a great solution. This is because the lyrics of a song can distract you while you study, but instrumentals do not have this issue. Instrumental music creates a calm and peaceful environment that helps you concentrate better.

Nature sounds

Nature sounds are a great type of music to study because it is considered natural sound. Compared with artificial sounds, natural sounds have a more relaxing effect on our nervous systems. The listener experiences a calming effect as a result. Listening to nature sounds can be calming and aid in reducing stress levels while also improving concentration.