Three Things To do over the Summer to Get Your Child Ready For School

Michael Plamondon

8/3/20231 min read

Over the Summer break, kids get their much deserved time off to have fun. It still is important to ensure that your child continues to learn and build strong habits. There are a few strategies that can be used to ensure that they’ll be able to excel in their next academic year.

The first way to get your child ready is to practice their reading skills. It is incredibly helpful for kids to read for 15 minutes every day. It doesn’t matter if it’s a picture book or a full-on novel. As long as they read consistently, that's what matters. Reading is one of the foundations of school so being able to comprehend words will set your child up for success.

The second thing that helps to prepare your child for the school year is to practice math games. Flash cards are an excellent example of this as this way you can also be involved in helping. Flash cards aren’t for everyone though and there are some alternatives. There are some online resources such as IXL or Prodigy that might be better suited to your child. Everyone learns differently so experimentation is important to make sure that your child has fun while also learning.

The final thing that you should be doing to prepare your child is to play educational board games with your child. There are a wide variety of games that are beneficial to kids but some examples of games to play are Boggle and Scrabble. These educational games are both very helpful to practice spelling and very fun. Not only will your child have a good time but they will be learning important skills that will prove useful in school.

Keeping your child’s brain engaged over the summer is very important in ensuring they have a successful school year. If you take these three ideas and implement them into your child’s summer routine, they will do much better in school and have much better learning habits.