Resources for When You’re Stuck on Homework

Ashley Chen

12/24/20232 min read

Being stuck on a homework question, and not having anyone to ask is the worst feeling in the world. Some websites only tell you the answer to your problem, but unfortunately, that’s not the correct way to learn. It’s accessible, but from personal experience, if you never figure your homework problems out, you’ll never fully understand the subject, as there’s always one question you cannot figure out. Fortunately, while some websites aren’t as useful as others, there are some useful websites that show you how to do the problem, and even offer extra help if needed. Most, if not all, of these are cost effective, and for the most part, free.

First Resource:

Brainly (free version) is a great peer resource for one time homework questions. You can search the database for your question in any subject (English, Math, Science, and more). More than likely, someone would have already answered the question, in a paragraph form (or calculation form). You can read their explanation, and even message to ask for more information, or further clarification.

If your question was not already posted by someone else, you can ask your own question, and wait a while for someone to answer your question. You are also able to rate people’s answers, on a 5 star scale (1 for wrong answer or extremely unhelpful and 5 for perfect answer and explanation). Unfortunately, the free plan of Brainly only allows you to ask and view a couple answers for free before asking you to pay for the premium plan. The annual plan is 24 dollars a year, which is affordable for many. If you’re unable to pay for this subscription, Brainly is a good resource for one-time questions, as Brainly allows you to view answers by watching an add once or twice.

Second Resource (only for STEM subjects):

Wyzant is a great free resource for students in math, technology, engineering or science subjects. Similar to brainly, students ask and other students or even tutors answer. There are tutors on the website, who will answer your questions, which are known as “expert verified” answers. You’re able to post your own questions, or view already posted answers, similar to brainly. Unfortunately, this platform is mainly for mathematics, physics, or chemistry questions, involving calculations.

This website is free, unlike brainly, but while Brainly is for every subject and question, Wyzant is only for certain subjects, so I would recommend using the two simultaneously depending on the topic you need help with.

Symbolab (only for mathematics):

Symbolab is a better option, in my opinion, than mathway, as while both require a subscription for the full amount of work done, symbolab shows more work and steps. You’re able to type any math problem in (besides a word problem), and symbolab would be able to solve it, and show broad steps.

If you want in-depth steps, it’s a 3.33-dollar fee annually, which is quite affordable.

All said, the internet is a growing place for answers, if you only know where to look. And if you’re not able to find answers on any of these platforms, google keywords in your problem, and how you’re trying to solve it. If the internet spits out the correct answer without work, make sure to ask a friend or a teacher about the work when you get a chance to, as when you’re just copying the answers, you’ll never learn how to actually do the problem.

Happy Learning!