How to Study for an Essay Exam

Joy Keke

8/7/20231 min read

Studying for essay exams can be difficult because it emphasizes analyzing and understanding the course material instead of memorizing. Tutoring is here to help by giving the finest advice on studying for an essay exam.

  1. Start planning ahead of time: Start thinking early about the prompts you intend to choose for your essay. Some teachers let you bring an outline to the exam. Prepare an outline of the main topics and ideas found in the course content early and memorize the most significant points.

  2. Review your notes regularly: To ensure you can recall course content during your examination, you should review your notes. A simple way to do this is by looking for repeating themes and ideas. Once you have identified the repeating themes, you can organize them into your outline.

  3. Ask your teachers for help: When you don't understand a theme discussed in class, ask your teacher for clarification. To gain a better understanding of the course content, do this at least a couple of days before the exam.

  4. Practice writing under pressure: It is critical to understand the content, but getting it down on paper within the desired timeframe can be daunting. This is why it is critical to practice writing under pressure. A helpful way of doing this is picking a random topic to write about and timing yourself with 1-2 hours to write about it.

  5. Sleep well the night before: Essay writing is already stressful, so a good night's sleep before the exam is crucial. This is because if you do not get enough rest, you will forget ideas to use in your essay and be less focused. Do your future self a favor and get some rest.