Back to School: Starting the School Year with a Fresh Mind

Ashley Chen

7/16/20232 min read

The first day of school after summer vacation is one of the worst days of the year! Feeling unprepared and nervous for the upcoming school year is a common feeling among most students. Especially students bridging between elementary and middle school, or middle and high school even.

Fortunately, there are some ways to keep your head on straight, and feel refreshed as you conquer the upcoming school year! Here’s a list of mindsets and action items to keep in

mind as the end of summer draws nearer.

MINDSET 1: A new school year is just the start of something new. New adventures, new teachers, new friends, new subjects await you.

I know we all dread the thought of school, and all the work that it brings, and the stress. But personally, one of the best things about school, and the very same thing that motivates me when I open my eyes every morning is the thought of a new best friend I could make today, or talking to people that already bring me joy in school, or hanging out with my favorite teacher at lunch. Try to look at everyday not as a burden, but as something to be excited for.

ACTION ITEM: At the end of each day, for as long as you can, state 3 things that were different from yesterday, and state 2 positive things that happened.

MINDSET 2: Keep your thoughts, and materials organized.

Losing something before the first day of school is a great way to feel unprepared and panicked, leading you to overthink the entire day. Make sure to clean out your backpack, and find all necessary items a night or two before school starts, in case you need to buy something on a whim. It’s also important to clear out your thoughts as well, rebooting your brain for school. A few days before school starts, start previewing content, and cutting down on leisurely activities, like watching shows and movies for hours a day, to avoid the feeling of serotonin withdrawal.

ACTION ITEM: Get as much sleep as possible for the first week of school. It’s understandable that afterwards, school gets hectic and busy, and sleep is sacrificed, but the first week of school is extra important, so make sure to go to sleep as early as possible.

MINDSET 3: No matter what grade you’re going into, it’s important to set goals for the school year. What grades you’re aiming for, what types of extracurriculars you want to commit to, or try out, or even the amount of friends you want to make! Make sure to set realistic goals, based on S.M.A.R.T goals, which stand for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound goals.

ACTION ITEM: Write down your goals for the school year, and to make this more effective, tell it to a trusted family member or friend to hold you accountable for the rest of the year.

With these mindsets and action items, you’ll crush the school year, and hopefully feel less overwhelmed on the first day of school.