5 Tips to Improve your Public Speaking Skills

Joy Keke

7/16/20231 min read

Public speaking is a powerful skill of persuasion and influence. This skill can be mastered with the help of Youth Tutoring.

What is public speaking?

Public speaking means sharing one's ideas with an audience. In addition to visual aids, sideshows are often used to captivate listeners during presentations.

  1. Be Confident: To convince your audience of your perspective, you must be confident. Your speech becomes more credible and trustworthy when you gain the audience's trust. A good posture and eye contact with the audience can help you feel more confident while presenting. Don't forget to speak loudly.

  2. Pacing: Good pacing can help keep your audience engaged and help them follow your presentation. When pronouncing difficult words, make sure to slow down your speed and make sure to adjust your speed based on your audience.

  3. Feedback: It's important to ask for feedback from the people around you, such as friends and colleagues. Make multiple drafts of your speech and run it through these people to help erase any errors in your work.

  4. Time management: Make sure you start early when preparing for your speech. Practicing early allows for there to be little errors in your speech. This also allows you to be more confident in your material.

  5. Be ready to Adapt: Even with all the practice, there is still a possibility that something out of your control can go wrong. Maybe there is a technological error or something bad happens in the background of your speech. Either way, accept the fact that life happens and make sure to stay calm and collected throughout your speech.